And the most Underrated Fruit award goes to…

In my first “official” blog post, I want to highlight one of the most underrated fruits ever: apples. Since apples are ALWAYS around, it makes them seem less cool. Kinda like how twinkles suddenly became the best snack ever after the minute hostess declare bankruptcy. One day, they’re sold a couple bucks for a jumbo box of 20 twinkies. Before you know it, BOOM, ebday is starting its bid at $5000 for a single twinkie. Everyone around you is in a state of panic and tears.

Since we all have the security of knowing that apples will always be around, we don’t really pay any attention to it. If you think about it, historically, apples have always been associated with temptation, a notion that is anything BUT boring. (think Snow White, or Adam and Eve).

Apples are hipster.

Apples are hipster.

But really, for those of you who despise fruits, apples are some of more nutrient-dense fruits you can eat- an apple has just around the same fiber amount as a cup of oats!

apple > oats?

apple > oats?

Plus, it actually tastes better than oats! Furthermore, apples are super easy to eat on the go, as they are one of the few fruits that doesn’t make you look awkward when you eat them. (I’m looking at you, banana).



For those of you who prefer actual numbers and data as opposed to rants, I highly suggest you to take a look this video- which include numbers, diagrams, maps, and even an apple v. orange analysis. Enjoy! 🙂


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