Everyone has their favorite childhood food/ snack. Maybe it’s gushers, Oreos, jelly beans, fruit roll ups, or whatever it is that you ate an excessive amount of as a child one time when your mother wasn’t home. The point is, these snacks are usually treats. Maybe if you finished all the vegetables on your plate your mom would reward you with a fruit roll up. The kind of treats that are probably one of the biggest reasons why you loved sleep overs, because you knew that those snacks would be present. In abundance.

Well, not for me. If I remember eating anything outside of regular meals, there are two things: cheese, and fruits. My mother was one of those people who believed in one thing and one thing only : you are what you eat.  I was raised to think that soda and junk food was evil, and I always had at least two servings of fruits a day. (#overacheivingasians) Sometimes, as a rare treat, my mother would purée strawberries and freeze them into Popsicles. So when I think back on a “favorite childhood snack”, my answer would not stray far from the category of fruit. Even now when I go back home for break, I had designated “fruit times” (11am, and 4pm).

It’s pretty hard to keep up with the fruit intake that I’m used to at home. I feel like I’m always on the run, either in the gym (literally), in classes, or working at my internship. Having fruits getting delivered to my door every week to me is pretty sweet.


We are a health agency devoted to delivering a sustainable and consistent source of nutrition based in Baltimore, MD.

Fruit does not stay fresh forever and not everyone has the luxury to go grocery shopping every single week. We are passionate about health and we believe in convenience; so now we deliver market fresh fruit straight to your door. Click here to get started!


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